RST Membership Renewal and Due Reminder

Annual Membership Dues for January 1, 2020 through December 31, 2020 are coming up soon. Please consider sending in your annual dues if you have not paid in advance. These dues help the club purchase things for HamFest, prizes for meetings, awards for Field Day, and to fix repeaters when they breakdown, to Join or Renew Membership!!! (Click Here)

RST Christmas Party/December Meeting

This years RST Christmas Party will be an evening of fun at El Corral. Come and have some good food and good fun. We will be also have a White Elephant Gift Exchange. If you want to play bring a gift for everyone who want to play.

When: Tuesday, December, 10 2019
Time: 6:30 PM
Where: El Corral (Click Here)
2201 E. River Rd.
Tucson, AZ 85718

RSVP to Brenda, N3QVK:
RSVP's will be seated ahead of those who do not RSVP, if seating is limited!!!

Raffle Prize: IC-7300
Contact Shari, KJ7ADI – RST Treasurer
Ticket Prices are
1 for $2.00
3 for $5.00
7 for $10.00
15 for $20.00
40 for $40.00

White Elephant Rules

  1. Everyone brings a gift (not to exceed $25). Bring one gift for everyone who wants to participate.
    Recommendation: Bring a gift people will fight over such as alcohol. However, the gift can be anything even items related to amateur radio.
    Recommendation: Ladies bring gifts other ladies will like

    Please wrap your gift or place it in a box to disguise it if you want. This adds more fun to the evening. You may add weight and packing to make the object seem heavier than it is.

    Gifts will be placed on a table when people enter the room.
  2. Each person who brought a gift, will get a number. This will determine who goes first.
  3. White Elephant FUN begins!!!!
    • A random ticket gets drawn
    • The person with ticket number drawn goes first (No feeling gifts based on weight)
    • That person picks a gift off the gift table and unwraps it so everyone can see
    • Show everyone the gift
    • The first person sits down (Keep the gift visible)
    • Next random ticket for the next person is drawn
    • Next person now selects a gift from the table... or can steal any opened gift
      • Gifts can only be stolen 3 times
      • AFter the third time that gift is out of play and cannot be stolen again
    • If a person's gift is stolen, that person gets to select another gift, either from the table or by stealing
    • Once the stealing is done, the next random ticket is drawn
  4. When all gifts are opened, the first person get the chance to steal any gift, except those frozen

2019 RST Spring Hamfest

Click HERE for details about this HAMFEST.
Click HERE for a MAP to the HAMFEST.
Click HERE for a Site Layout MAP of the HAMFEST.

2019 RST Contest SIG

Are you new to contesting?
Are you interested in contesting?
Would you like sound advice from a well-seasoned yet lightly salted contester?
Feel free to contact Bill Clark, K6WSC, or Richard Schmidt, K7NSW, about this competitive and exciting sport in amateur radio, CONTESTING. Email Bill or Richard or catch them at an RST meeting for more info!!

Donate to RST through your AMAZON.COM purchases

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Be sure to choose the Radio Society of Tucson Inc.

Radio Society of Tucson (K7RST)

The Radio Society of Tucson (RST) is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization that focuses on “Communications For All” by actively supporting a variety of Amateur Radio activities which are of interest by its members.

Club members support many Public Service Events, Emergency Communications, and VE License Testing. The club regularly participates in the annual ARRL Field Day Event. In addition, RST is the only club in Tucson and Southern Arizona to actively and uniquely support Special Interest Groups that include Radio Direction Finding and Radio Contesting.

RST is the only club in Tucson and Southern Arizona that offers two full stacks of D-Star Repeaters that supplement the area's rather robust vhf/uhf analog repeater systems with a full compliment of digital repeater infrastructure.

Anyone interested in Amateur Radio, licensed or not, is welcome to attend our monthly meetings and participate in our many events throughout the year.