2018 RST Christmas Banquet 11-Dec-2018

We hope do see you at El Corral for RST's Christmas Banquet!"
El Corral is located at 2201 E. River Rd Tucson.
Banquet will officially start at 6:30pm.

Pima County Handheld Electronics Memo

Have your ever operated your radio whilst mobile in Pima County?
Do you know if your operations violate the Pima County ordinance prohibiting use of handheld electronics?

Click HERE to view the document describing how Pima County plans to enforce their ordinance with a view toward your Mobile Amateur Radio Operations.

This memo only covers Pima County!! This does NOT include any city or other legal entity that regulates handheld electronic devices.

Donate to RST through your AMAZON.COM purchases

Do you shop on AMAZON?
Would you like to make a .5% donation to the RST as you shop?
The donation costs you nothing.
Start shopping at SMILE.AMAZON.COM.
You can choose over a million 501(c)(3) public charitable organizations.

Be sure to choose the Radio Society of Tucson Inc.

Radio Society of Tucson (K7RST)

The Radio Society of Tucson (RST) is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization that focuses on “Communications For All” by actively supporting a variety of Amateur Radio activities which are of interest by its members.

Club members support many Public Service Events, Emergency Communications, and VE License Testing. The club regularly participates in the annual ARRL Field Day Event. In addition, RST is the only club in Tucson and Southern Arizona to actively and uniquely support Special Interest Groups that include Radio Direction Finding and Radio Contesting.

RST is the only club in Tucson and Southern Arizona that offers two full stacks of D-Star Repeaters that supplement the area's rather robust vhf/uhf analog repeater systems with a full compliment of digital repeater infrastructure.

Anyone interested in Amateur Radio, licensed or not, is welcome to attend our monthly meetings and participate in our many events throughout the year.