Club Officers

The members shall elect officers annually in October at the Annual Meeting.

New Officer terms start the day after the election. In case of death, inability to serve, or resignation of an officer, the membership shall, at the next regular meeting, elect a replacement, keeping in mind that the Vice-President automatically replaces the President under the above circumstances.

Position Member Contact
President Mike Boger (W7IJ)
Vice President Gail Peterson (N7BXX)
Secretary Rosemary Paszkiet (KG7QWR)
Treasurer Don Ernle (KD7UIZ)
Board Members Chris Buchanan (N7JND)  
  Gary Keck (KE7DX)  
  Bruce Betterley (WA1BZQ)  
  Richard Schmidt (K7NSW)  
  Dick Jones (W0PZD)  

For a description of the duties and responsibilities of each officer position, please refer to the RST Bylaws page.


Staff Positions

Position Member Contact
2018 Field Day Coordinator Richard Schmidt (K7SNW)
Interclub Liaison Bruce Betterley (WA1BZQ)
QSL Manager & K7RST Callsign Custodian Ron Cade (W6ZQ)
Repeater SIG Team Lead Chris Buchanan (N7JND)
Webmasters/List Servers Steve Lane (KY7K)
  Owen Watson (AK7W)
ARCA Liaison Gary Keck (KE7DX)
Laurel VE Liaison Diane Zimmerman (AA3OF)
RST Contest SIG Co-Chairmen Steve Lane (KY7K)
  Owen Watson (AK7W)
Public Service Coordinator Cary Fishman (WB2BSJ)
RST Donation SIG Coordinator Don Ernle (KD7UIZ)

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